The Worst Movie Ever

This is the Zodiac speaking...
After telling you what the greatest movie ever written was, it would be remiss of me not to tell you the worst thing I've ever seen. Look over at the link to buy it on Amazon. As of the writing of this, the best price is $0.54, that says so much, personally, I wouldn't watch this movie again if they paid me. A stack of hundreds and a hot chick willing to fuck me, its been so long, wouldn't make me... well, all right, I guess I'd watch it again, God I'm so horny. But I wouldn't like the film, even after associating it with mind blowing sex. I lost all respect for Robert DeNiro after watching this, and seeing as how I've never had any respect for Rene Russo, nothing has changed there. PUNS ARE NOT JOKES!!! They are annoying, and just lazy writing. I enjoyed the old TV show when I was a child, and again as a drunk or drugged adult, I watched this one day when I was sober and again when I wasn't, it made no difference. The link to the left allows you to purchase this movie for yourself and decide whether or not I'm full of shit, I recommend that you purchase this if you hate your kids or work for the FBI and want to torture some religious fanatics out of their compound. Otherwise, save yourself the money and time, use it to take up knitting.

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