I got spammed!

This is the Zodiac speaking...
I feel like I'm reaching all of you out there in reader land now, I got my first spam comment! I check my site about thirteen times a day waiting to see what you dear readers have posted, which is usually for naught, and was quite surprised to find a new comment the other day.
Me, if I were an attractive blond woman
My normal fare of comments usually range from strange nonsensical ramblings by Pat, to "fuck off dildo ass fucker" from the ever lovely anonymous. So imagine my surprise to see an ad for cialis, the hard on drug, put into the comment section for my five worst film remakes. I was under the impression that no one actually reads my current posts let alone looks way back at the older ones.
Admit it, you're just in it for the funny pictures
As an avid user of Stumbleupon I can see how one might come across an older post of mine, however, this isn't the case here. I know because all of my stumble submissions, minus the ones about boobs, still only have the one page view that I gave to them when they were submitted. It might have been a link over from America's Hobbies, which has been getting inundated by Chinese handbag sellers. This I find much more likely. I haven't clicked the link to figure out where the knock off cialis is coming from because I fear viruses.
I set my safe search to strict before I looked for this image
It is clear that whomever posted this link has not so good grasp of the language that is English cause we speak it and they no write it good. Admittedly that does not rule out an US poster, even one born and educated here. Read it and you can see why I would think that it might be of some sort of foreign origin. Which I guess just leads us to our last issue.
Someone must remember Smiling Bob!
Cialis is used to remedy erectile dysfunction, as a 28 year old healthy male, I say with full pride and not a least bit of exaggeration, I've got no problems in the area of getting my man to stand at attention.
  All the Cialis I need
Now if it were an ad for Extenze, well that would be a different story. Finally something that is catered to me. It's as if someone has been reading my diary and forming the advertisements I see to my specific needs. Kind of like what ad-sense is supposed to do for my blog but fails, unable to follow lofty concepts like, all I do is talk about movies.
  If you like movies, then you'll love taxidermy!- google ad sense
I guess the whole point of this tirade is that I'm lonely, I seek such approval that I'm willing to allow anyone to post anything in the comments of my blog, my penis is small but working properly, Google Adsense makes no sense, and everyone will look at the funny pictures, however, not much else. It's all good though, writing this has been rather cathartic, and it has been nice for a change not writing about how shitty the movie Ninja was, it was terrible, that's what I was going to write about initially. Maybe in the future I'll tell everyone about the ham fisted acting, and awesome fight sequences, until then qu'est-ce que c'est.
  Told you it was about taxidermy!


Anonymous said...

i stumbled. but twas worth the read, and not just for the pictures.

pleased your penis works. x

P said...

I as well am pleased to hear you're functioning properly and you love my strange nonsensical ramblings... :)

Zodiac said...

Damnit Pat! Try to follow the topic we are discussing!