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I vary from the movie world a little bit for this post, and let us be quite frank here, I'm not really all that good at following just that topic. My life doesn't just consist of watching movies, I also do other antisocial activities such as gaming, fucking around on the Internet, reading, and masturbating, to the Internet. Pretty much whatever keeps me inside.
 A safe for work Rule 34

Much to my surprise and, I'm sure, yours, there is a whole plethora of sites out there that have very little to do with what Jesse Helms, called "Po-naw-graw-fa." Before we get to much further I feel the need to state that according to the website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lds.org, I have a completely healthy porn use. I got a ten out of ten on the test!
 Not anymore I'm not.
Everyday, without fail, I visit Cracked.com. I want to tell everyone how awesome this site is and hopefully make a reader out of those of you unaware. America's only humor site since 1958, until the launch of my site, Cracked provides us with the funny, useless bullshit that we crave.
 With funny pictures interspersed for your reading pleasure
Where do you think I got the idea
The daily lists always provide a good ten minute distraction to my otherwise banal life, like "7 insane Easter eggs hidden in movies and television," or the ever lovely "4 famous authors and their hip-hop equivalent." Lists aside, there is the weekly photoplasty contest where readers photoshop funny pictures based on whatever the random topic Cracked has chosen for them, like this one from "18 Darkest Movie moments if they had been made by Disney."
  I would pay to see this
I have no affiliation with Cracked, I would like to, they do have a submissions page that I've been looking at with ever growing interest, as soon as I can find the time to write about the "5 biggest douchebags that competed at the first Olympics" or something of that ilk, I'll submit. Until that time, I just ask that you head over and check out the site. You take my advice about the shitty movies that Hollywood is ramming down our throats, or at least I hope you are, so why not take some time out to look at a non-porn website that has brought me so much pleasure. Cracked just click that link and enjoy, if you are really adventurous, come back and tell me in the comments what you thought.
  This is what you get when you Google pleasure

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