#2 Greatest Director

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#2 Alfred Hitchcock
A master of the thriller, this man needs no real introduction. We have all seen at least one of his movies, be it Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds, or any other. Universally liked and prolific with 67 films to his credit it is no wonder he made it so high on my list. I prefer to liken him to Stephen King, doubtless he probably would have directed at least a few of King's films had he lived long enough. Hitchcock is a cinematic legend and helped define the modern thriller, without brave steps that he undertook, such as killing off the top billed actress thirty minutes into the movie, our modern films would be missing something great. Almost all his films are gems, I didn't much care for Vertigo for some reason, even though it had James Stewart who I very much adore. He made movies in the time before Michael Bay could spend two hours blowing shit up while the plot had nothing to do with anything, before Lucas films redefined visual imagery and covered up the lack of acting talent by making it so a green muppet could jump all over the place fighting with a green stick, he made movies that told a story, a story told by great actors, great actors being directed by a true visionary. I singled out Rope for my "hey everybody, buy me!" ad in the corner because of all the greatness this man made, Rope is my absolute favorite. It starts with the murder of a man by his two friends, who believe themselves socially superior, and continues into a house party, partly in honor of the dead man, where they serve his friends dinner off the chest that contains his lifeless corpse. Great acting done all around with the tops going to the aforementioned James Stewart, in this film that shows that one apartment, no special effects, and just people sitting around talking to each other has the ability to create cinematic gold. Salute to you Mr. Hitchcock, you really were elite.
Watch this: go watch any of them
Skip this: Vertigo, although you'd probably enjoy it 

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