The 41 year old shitty parody film

This is the Zodiac speaking...
Let us talk about parody movies for a few minutes. Stating first that I have nothing against them in theory, some are actually good, Airplane, Hot Shots, anything by Mel Brooks, even the first couple of Scary Movie films. The sign of a good parody film is that it takes one, or two, main films that it draws it's inspiration from and then peppers in a few jokes that reference other films. Spaceballs was a star wars rip off, one of the most famous scenes has an alien popping out of a mans chest, get the reference? That is how it is supposed to be done. Which leads me to...

The 41 Year Old Virgin That Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It.
Just the title alone is horrible. It is obviously a take up on The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Superbad. Three to many films to focus your parody on. Clever, I'll admit, how they strung them all together, the most clever thing the writers did on this movie, but, just like the title, they crammed way to much shit into this piece of shit. Shit stuffed shit, would have been a great tagline, if I may be so crass.

 Kind of like this, you know, without being to gross
The reason good parody films only focus on one main story line is the same reason that other films only have one story, because otherwise it makes no sense. We have the main story of 40 year old virgin crossed with Superbad which, for some reason leads the characters to Hawaii like in Sarah Marshall with a non sexual encounter that leads to a pregnancy like in the bible. To get all of these pop references into a film that has the running time of 90 minutes there has to be either, the greatest screenwriters ever, or a lot of ham fisted, nonsensical, forced plot twists. Guess which one we have here. I'll agree that some of the best parts of the movie Superbad involved McLovin and his police escort, which appear here without any of the charm of the original, and then dead ends without any explanation.
This film is a train wrecking into a chicken truck outside a Scientology center during an Alien invasion while everyone is suffering from rickets. As if it wasn't cluttered enough, they also apply random cut a-ways, trying to cram in other peoples funny ideas hoping that some of the funny "shit", how many times can I write shit and not have someone tell me to buy a thesaurus, will stick, but as we've established, shit can only be stuffed, it doesn't stick. 
Got to keep it safe for work
It would be a bigger waste of time to watch this movie that it would to watch the eight hours of the films it tries to rip off. I should know, and my time is worthless. Damn you AB for suggesting this movie, damn you to Hell. I, however, am hoping to receive another step in my golden staircase to Heaven for taking the time to warn the world against this abomination. 

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Boknows said...

I would have to agree. That is why I never watched it. Honestly scary movie was the last good parody I have seen.