Jack or Robin Williams isn't funny

This is the Zodiac speaking...
Szia to all my Hungarian readers out there, and a mighty Fuck You to all you my American readers, talking to you Pat and Cameron. All I ask for is a little feedback, and I can't even get that from you. I'll keep at it though, because I don't know anyone in real life who'll listen to all my bullshit. Here we go.

Jack (1996)
I've already kind of gotten into what I think about this movie in my post about Francis Ford Coppola, go ahead and take a minute to look it up, I'll wait. Damn it got lonely here all of a sudden, I did ask them to leave but I didn't think it would take this long. Oh, you're back then? Good. Let's continue. I liked Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, and really liked him in What Dreams May Come, both serious movies, thought he was wonderful in Good Will Hunting, as for every comedy I've watched him in, he was shit. The exception that proves the rule is of course, Death to Smoochy, funny as hell. Jack is a disaster on so many levels, it has the Williams playing the retarded man child who ages, physically, never mentally, eight times faster than normal. We follow him going to school and using his humor on the only type of people to find it funny, third graders. Diane Lane plays Jack's mother and looks more matronly than a hot movie mom should look. I know she is supposed to be a suburban housewife and that sometimes they dress kind of frumpy but I think we can all agree that if you cast Diane Lane, you're not doing it for acting ability. In what should be a heart warming ending we see the greatly aged Jack graduating from High School, thankfully to old to do all that stream of consciousness funny voice bullshit that seems to be the only driving factor in Robin Williams' career. I can do an old British woman's voice, and if I talk real fast no one will realize that there is no substance in what I'm saying. Instead of the emotional "good for you" the film makers were expecting I couldn't help but be horrified by the terrible aging makeup the "star" wore. It's not worth watching this movie, and if you do it will only make you feel sad and lonely, kind of like what I feel like all the time.

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